Episode #1276; The Uprising of Podcasts

Featured Website: http://podcasts.joerogan.net


The continuous evolution of technology means that society’s communication is constant. However, the form of communication we are now accustomed to is electronic, cold and void of human emotion or expression. It is for this reason that podcasting is emerging in journalism as a highly popular contemporary form of convergent journalism.


When analysing the structure of a podcast compared to a standard news story, online or in print, there are a few positive differences that make it clear that conveying news can be done in a talkative manner. The key features of what is thought of as content in journalism in a lead and body that spits out facts and is written in a monotonic voice in order to stay natural and un-bias; There is usually a cover photo that accompanies the piece. When talent is featured in articles or stories their input is mainly quotes and supporting arguments made within the journalists’ writing. When comparing this structure with the podcasts of Joe Rogan, we already see that the same content of his podcast can be viewed as a video, which adds another human element of body language and eye contact, as well as listened to as an audio file. Statisticsshow that podcasts allow people to multitask as most listeners enjoy the content while driving/travelling, and exercising; these tasks and traditional journalistic methods would not be able to be enjoyed simultaneously. Talent in podcasts appear as guests and allows the audience to hear their full opinions and be engaged by the conversation that stems from this.

Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 8.46.50 pm

(Statistics from ‘The Startup’)


In terms of the content featured in Joe Rogan’s podcasts, it follows the rule of Public Interest very well. This rule is central to the art of journalism and typically approached from a political, economical or gossip perspective. However, Joe Rogan approaches it from a current and contemporary standpoint where he educates listeners on growing ideas in society; for example he covers the topic spectrum with podcasts about UFC, Artificial Intelligence, and talks with comedians.


Screen Shot 2018-10-28 at 9.07.14 pm

Small snapshot of Joe Rogan’s Podcasts


Podcasting translates the journalistic word ‘interview’ into the laid back, human word ‘conversation’. When analysing the speech structureof interviewers and interviewees it is consistently formal and follows a tight question schedule. If this variation of language were to be spoken in everyday life to everyday people it would not be received or understood well. The unmediated elementof podcasts considers that the audience for reporting and journalism is in fact, everyday people, and so speaks in colloquial language with trains of thought to connect with the listeners. With no producers or executives to sway the presentation of information, both talents personality is projected through their passion about the topic discussed.


Podcasting is an ironic form of convergent journalismas it relies on audio-visual technology to be produced and listened to, yet it is conveyed as unmediated and humanly centred through its captivating conversational format. Podcasting is becoming the crux of journalism by upholding a public interest philosophy, as well as giving listeners the power to make up their own minds about the information presented. Society can form their own opinions after hearing the full context of quotes and arguments throughout the discussion.




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