What’s Hidden

You’re not sure how long you’ve been here. But it’s been long enough that you think of the world through bars, as though the metal strips are fused to your perception. Your eyes are tired with the sight of walls, the concrete painful against your vision.  The people come. But then they go. And you stay. Stay. Good boy. Months, hours, seconds. You can’t see the clock, but you know there is a countdown. A window in which you are given to find love.

In the beginning you got excited at the sound of approaching footsteps. The vibrations from their weight rippling through the void in your chest. Lethal hope. You beg them to stay by your side, screaming through your eyes. But they just look at you. Why can’t they hear you? Please help me, please love me, please take me with you! Panicking you scream and whine while your body shakes with emptiness. And still they stare. Then they leave. You watch your future walk away. Watch them walk free.

The people keep coming and then they keep leaving; only now your cries are internal. And they are deafening. No begging or shaking or even entertaining the warmth of hope. Just you and the whale songs of your sorrows. You wait for the final collar. For the scary people to come and collect you. And for your cage to be empty. Like the many vacant cages that came before you and will come after you.

You are petrified. You are traumatised. And you are alone.

You are a dog up for adoption.

Three amazing families decided to rescue their dogs from various shelters and therefore saved these animals from the brink of death. However, the perception gathered from speaking with the families is that their dogs saved them. By sharing their stories, insight is given into the initial ideas and feelings of being at the pound, the link between a dogs back story and behaviour, as well as the possibilities and opportunities for animals in a loving home. The audio and visuals uncover two separate things that are hidden. The compilation of photo and videos depict the lonely life of a dog up for adoption, showing the desperation for love, which is often forgotten about by society when focusing on the hype over puppies. Whereas the collection of audio stories uncovers the wonders of life in a new family. It shows what can be achieved in a “forever home” and the progression of an animals’ spirit along the journey from isolated and unwanted to cherished and nurtured.





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