So I finished the first module and decided that my DA was not what I wanted and sort of hit a slum. I had not expected FEFO to be there at every step along the way. So after my first two prototypes for my original DA something needed to be done. I felt a little embarrassed about them and my engagement was declining, also the time it took to make the prototypes was very costly and especially with no motivation to do it, it was extremely time consuming.


So welcome to my new DA: “Talks with Tas”. It is still a YouTube channel however the content is a lot more broad and can be thought of as a guide to life for my generation; things we were never taught in school than is needed for survival (and social survival). Learning from my previous DA, I also created an instagram account to help promote the channel and boost engagement.


My Prototypes

I feel as though I have really embraced the FEFO method (a bit more than I would have liked to) and have realised that it really fits into the “breaking” concept; be it for breaking down the parts of my DA that received or needs feedback, or just breaking down in general.


My new prototypes for “Talks with Tas” are getting more regulated engagement and also feedback from the target audience. Along with this, I’m finding that I am able to post more frequently and the project is less time consuming than the original.


Also, because I’m an indecisive person, I have a second/fall back DA. It is an Instagram account of my dog: @its_bagel_the_beagle


The amount of engagement with this DA has been really good and evident by the fact that Bagel (my puppy) is an affiliate for the brand “Geopetric”, which is an eco-friendly, cruelty-free brand dealing with pet products. For 20% use the code BAGELTHEBEAGLE20.


Recently, Bagel has been approached again by another brand who are interested in him modelling and promoting them.

Overall, I have had many ups and downs with my DA(s) but by making prototypes and evaluating them, the areas that need the most work and iterating become clear through feedback and critical evaluation.

Please go check out my channel, “Talks with Tas” and also on Insta @talkswithtas and @its_bagel_the_beagle. Don’t hesitate to give me heaps of feedback as I move toward the final module.



2 thoughts on “PROTOTYPING BCM114

  1. I was definitely in the same boat as you during my prototyping process. My DA was also losing following and I was really disappointed with it and with how long it took to make. I’m so glad that you took it all in and changed your DA to something more suited to you and enjoyable! I did this too and I found that my new DA is 100 times better. When watching your new videos compared to your old videos, I can see that it is a better fit for you. You’re a natural on camera! If you were looking for more feedback you could have some polls on your Instagram stories or simply post a picture asking what people thought of your video or what they want to see! Instagram is a great place for audience feedback I’ve found.
    Your backup DA is also super cute! I also have a DA that a call a backup too, so don’t worry you’re not the only indecisive one.
    Overall I think your projects are coming along really well, I can’t wait to see some more content in the final stage!


  2. Hey Tas, sounds like we’re on the same boat with having FEFO alongside us in our DA journey. I feel you in being an indecisive person, it took me weeks of going back and forth on whether I wanted to try and make my original DA work or if I should try something else (I ended up trying something else lol). I’m glad to know that you’ve worked it out and are a lot happier with where you are with your DA and taking advantage of audience feedback. I also like the idea of having a backup DA, however I think you may be selling yourself short by having to upkeep two artefacts. Maybe if you tried to combine the two by having Bagel as a regular guest on your Youtube videos or if you feature yourself more on his Instagram page it might make maintaining your DA a little easier.
    Either way, both DA’s sound fun and sound like they’re developing nicely, I’ll be sure to follow along on their progress 🙂


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