When brainstorming ideas for my digital artefact the list of my mediated interests was not the longest:

  • Instagram page for my dog
  • Podcast about being a pet owner
  • Kmart weekly shoppers pick
  • Um…any instagram page about anything…

But then I reverted back to one of the simplest questions of all time. A question asked by fed up mothers to their lazy teens…

“What do you do all day?”

My free time usually consists of watching music videos. There is nothing that can describe how an amazing music video makes you feel; it can make a song your favourite. However, when you hear a great song and check out the music video, there is the possibility of it leading to disappointment. So I came up with the idea of a YouTube cannel (a new medium for me) where I would make new music videos to songs. These videos would feature real world situations and address pressing societal issues (instead of the glamorous world of celebrities and special effects)

Failing early and failing often will not be a problem for me. I already failed early when I realised the program I had for editing the videos was no good and a bit to complicated for my computer to handle. To resolve this, I am using iMovie.



#FIST applies to my idea. Although my videos will not be that time effective to make (maybe one a week) all footage will be shot on my iPhone. I think the concept of video to music is quite simple. Here is a great comic strip to depict The Simplicity Cycle:

I developed my concept through design thinking principles which allowed me to EMPATHISE with people. Because of this, I was able to DEFINE my target audience and the specific problem with some current music videos; which was a lack of message and unreliable component to everyday people. IDEATING involved another brainstorm with ways to fix this problem. I considered podcasts to talk about songs with good messages, as well as creating a poster cover thing for songs. But eventually I arrived at just making videos.

You can see my prototype and test video on my YouTube channel (Tas Haynes)


Wish me luck xx


One thought on “IDEATING BCM114

  1. I loved seeing how you came up with the idea for your digital artefact, which I must say is amazing and really unique! It’s great that you chose something that you’re passionate about as it won’t even feel like an assessment because you’ll enjoy it, that’s a really smart thing to do when making a digital artefact!
    I love the linking throughout your post to the content of the subject such as FEFO, FIST and even the simplicity cycle with your really cute comic strip. It was a nice touch!
    You could possibly take in ideas from your audience about what type of video they’d like to see next if you’re ever out of ideas! I also would have loved to have seen a starter pack for your target audience!

    Looks like it’s going to be loads of fun, good luck! I can’t wait to see what you produce!


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