My Public Sphere

In my opinions, I would say I have two different public spheres. The first being a place where I can discuss current issues and ideology and get opinions back; a sort of back and forth conversation. This would be in a face-to-face sphere that is my group of friends. I find online platforms for discussion […]

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Who Owns the Media?

I get a lot of my news and information about what’s happening in the world through radio and television. Channel 9 News is one of my main news sources and I know some people may say that that’s not good or anything but oh well. Channel 9 is owned by CVC Asian Pacific. It matters […]

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Controversial Advert

I found this controversial advert and could not believe it was actually published. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone actually thought this was a good idea. My initial reaction to this ad is based on my previous knowledge of modern history. Here is the poster broken down: Denotation: I can see […]

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My Media Audience Experience

There are many times when I am part of an audience even though I am by myself when I am watching. I enjoy viewing Foxtel on the TV and Netflix from my phone. I believe that these two different media forms have an impact on what kind of audience member I am. Recently I was […]

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One Step At A Time

Hi, I’m Tas and am studying a Bachelor of Journalism So I’m basically just trying to get through life and in order to do this I binge watch a lot. But with this degree I’ve convinced myself that watching all my shows are homework. A few things I’ve seen are: American Horror Story The Vampire […]

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