When brainstorming ideas for my digital artefact the list of my mediated interests was not the longest: Instagram page for my dog Podcast about being a pet owner Kmart weekly shoppers pick Um…any instagram page about anything… But then I reverted back to one of the simplest questions of all time. A question asked by […]



What is a fake image? Images are the crux of the media and provide visual stimulation, evidence and controversy for the public. It is important to publish appropriate photographs that uphold ethical standards in the media. Unethical practices involving imagery include the physical manipulation of a photo to serve the photographers purpose. British photographer, Roger […]


My Public Sphere

In my opinions, I would say I have two different public spheres. The first being a place where I can discuss current issues and ideology and get opinions back; a sort of back and forth conversation. This would be in a face-to-face sphere that is my group of friends. I find online platforms for discussion […]

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Who Owns the Media?

I get a lot of my news and information about what’s happening in the world through radio and television. Channel 9 News is one of my main news sources and I know some people may say that that’s not good or anything but oh well. Channel 9 is owned by CVC Asian Pacific. It matters […]

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Controversial Advert

I found this controversial advert and could not believe it was actually published. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that someone actually thought this was a good idea. My initial reaction to this ad is based on my previous knowledge of modern history. Here is the poster broken down: Denotation: I can see […]

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My Media Audience Experience

There are many times when I am part of an audience even though I am by myself when I am watching. I enjoy viewing Foxtel on the TV and Netflix from my phone. I believe that these two different media forms have an impact on what kind of audience member I am. Recently I was […]

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One Step At A Time

Hi, I’m Tas and am studying a Bachelor of Journalism So I’m basically just trying to get through life and in order to do this I binge watch a lot. But with this degree I’ve convinced myself that watching all my shows are homework. A few things I’ve seen are: American Horror Story The Vampire […]

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